Charlotte’s Booming Tech Industry and Business Opportunities: A Thriving Hub for Growth

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Charlotte’s tech industry is on fire, making waves as one of North America’s most active markets for office leasing. With high-tech software and service jobs growing by an impressive 21.3% in 2022, the city is outpacing the national growth rate of 10.1%. This surge has positioned Charlotte just behind tech hubs like Vancouver and Austin.

The influx of tech talent and venture funding—$153 million in the first half of 2023 alone—has solidified Charlotte’s status as a burgeoning tech hotspot. As more companies set up shop and bring their employees back to the office, the demand for office space is skyrocketing. For businesses and professionals alike, Charlotte offers a fertile ground for growth and innovation, making it a prime destination for your next big opportunity.

Overview of Charlotte’s Tech Industry Growth

Key Factors Driving Growth

Charlotte’s tech industry has experienced significant growth driven by various factors. A primary factor is the city’s strategic positioning as a financial center, home to major bank headquarters which has fostered a robust fintech ecosystem. Additionally, the influx of venture funding—in the first half of 2023 alone, $153 million was awarded to tech companies—has bolstered the local tech landscape. The supportive environment cultivated by initiatives like Innovate Charlotte and various technology parks promotes a collaborative tech community. Venture capitalists and investors play crucial roles by injecting capital and fueling tech startups.

Major Tech Sectors Thriving in Charlotte

Several tech sectors are thriving in Charlotte, reflecting its diversified tech ecosystem. Fintech remains a dominant sector due to the presence of financial giants and innovative startups. Healthcare technology is another growing segment, driven by increasing digital health initiatives and tech integrations in medical services. Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things sectors also exhibit robust growth, drawing talent and investments. Enterprises like Spectrum contribute by providing connectivity solutions across various industries including retail and healthcare, further enhancing the city’s tech infrastructure.

Charlotte’s high-tech software and service job growth, at 21.3% in 2022, places it among the top tech markets in North America. The city’s appeal extends to tech professionals considering relocating to Charlotte for abundant job opportunities and a dynamic work environment. With tech job growth more than doubling the national average, Charlotte is poised for continued expansion and innovation in its tech industry.

Opportunities in Charlotte’s Tech Scene

Startup Ecosystem and Support Infrastructure

Charlotte’s tech scene thrives on a robust startup ecosystem and comprehensive support infrastructure. Innovate Charlotte and the Charlotte Regional Fund for Entrepreneurship foster innovation and growth for startups. These initiatives provide mentorship, funding, and networking opportunities, ensuring that new ventures receive the resources they need to succeed. The presence of technology parks and coworking spaces like Packard Place further enhances the ecosystem by offering affordable office solutions and fostering a collaborative environment. If you’re considering relocating to Charlotte, you’ll find a welcoming community ready to support your entrepreneurial ambitions.

Career Opportunities in Tech

Charlotte offers abundant career opportunities for tech professionals. The city’s high-tech software and service jobs saw a 21.3% increase in 2022, making it a prime location for tech talent. Companies ranging from fintech to healthcare technology and artificial intelligence actively seek skilled professionals to join their teams. Tech roles in corporate IT, business intelligence, and software development are especially in demand. With numerous startups and established players in the market, you can find diverse career paths and opportunities for growth in Charlotte’s dynamic tech industry. Venture funding of $153 million in the first half of 2023 further underscores the job market’s vibrancy and potential.

Impact of Tech Industry on Charlotte’s Economy

Economic Contributions of Tech Companies

Tech companies in Charlotte contribute significantly to the city’s economy, with more than 118,000 tech-related workers in the region. The influx of organizations from various tech sectors supports economic diversification. Companies like Spectrum, which has over 2,000 employees in Charlotte, invests heavily in local development. The industry’s impact is evident in the office market, with Charlotte ranking fifth for high-tech job growth, registering a 21.3% increase in 2022. This expansion boosts demand for office spaces, translating into a 4.5% gain in office rent.

Job Creation and Business Opportunities

The tech industry has become a powerful job generator in Charlotte. Growing tech firms create substantial employment opportunities, with the city’s high-tech software and service jobs constituting nearly 12% of all office users in the market. This environment attracts professionals and fosters entrepreneurship. Relocating to Charlotte offers businesses access to a skilled workforce, a collaborative ecosystem, and substantial market demand. Startups and established companies alike find fertile ground for innovation, backed by initiatives like the Charlotte Angel Fund and Innovate Charlotte. The ripple effect enhances other sectors such as real estate, retail, and professional services, driving comprehensive economic growth.

Challenges Facing Charlotte’s Tech Industry

While Charlotte’s tech industry is booming there are challenges to address. The rapid growth demands a steady supply of skilled professionals which can strain local talent pools. Infrastructure needs to keep pace with expansion to support new businesses and tech initiatives. Additionally fostering a diverse and inclusive tech community remains crucial for sustained growth.

Despite these challenges Charlotte’s tech industry presents immense opportunities. By leveraging strategic initiatives and continuous investment the city can maintain its upward trajectory. As you explore business opportunities in Charlotte’s tech landscape remember that overcoming these challenges can lead to even greater rewards and a vibrant thriving tech ecosystem.

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HoliMont Ski Club

Taking America's largest private ski club from the blue square to double black.

For almost 60 years HoliMont has been committed to creating an environment for generations of families and friends to adventure and build memories together. As America’s largest Private Ski Club, and WNY’s Premier Ski Destination, it was time for a change to reposition the club for the new season they were stepping into.

In partnership with their incredibly committed and passionate team, we’ve rolled up our sleeves to not only reintroduce HoliMont as an All-Season Club but to engage new members and remind existing members of how wonderful a place HoliMont is for family, friendship, and fun. 


Private Club Sports


Ellicottville, NY


Web Design & Development
Digital Marketing

Brand Identity

Refreshing their identity without reinventing it. 

HoliMont has a very recognizable mark with decades of history behind it – so our approach was focused on breathing new life into a timeless logo.


Logo Redesign

Simple & Structured.

Removing the dated styling (shadows, outlines) as well as the caps-case on the word mark helped to reveal a more timeless and versatile logo.

Color Studies & Typography

A high-end, rustic, and elegant take on WNY ski culture

Combining rich greens, rose gold, and a quality typographic system gives HoliMont the recognizable look it deserved.

Brand Texture

Topographic mapping of the 'Mont made for the perfect texture.

We converted a topographic map of Holimont in order to create a series of brand textures to add some intrigue and beauty to the visual identity.

Brand Texture

Topographic mapping of the 'Mont made for the perfect texture.

We converted a topographic map of HoliMont in order to create a series of brand textures to add some intrigue and beauty to the visual identity.

Brand Identity

Custom badges for all of the 'Mont's programs. 

We created unique symbols with illustrations to represent each program within HoliMont. You can see these around the ‘Mont any time you visit!



A premier destination: online and off.

We took the original site and did a complete overhaul, giving HoliMont the impact it deserves for current and prospective members.



A simple yet beautiful experience, even if you're browsing from the chairlift.

A partner dedicated to the outdoors needs a platform that’s easily accessible on the go. We created a seamless, simple design that makes getting the information you need a walk in the park.

Creative Assets

A simple yet beautiful experience, even if you're browsing from the chairlift. ​

A partner dedicated to the outdoors needs a platform that’s easily accessible on the go. We created a seamless, simple design that makes getting the information you need a walk in the park.