John DeJac IV

John is a lifelong “Buffalonian;” born and raised in the suburbs of the Queen City. He received his B.F.A. in Communication Design with a minor in Digital Music Production from SUNY Buffalo State. John worked for Williams Media as an intern during college, quickly proving his multi-disciplinary creative skills and value within the team. After graduating, John “officially” began his role as Interactive Designer, later moving to Art Director, and now resides as our Creative Director and EOS Integrator.

With his rigorous quality standards and skill in functional design, John leads the creative team, overseeing all creative output from the company and ensuring that everything is top-notch for our partners. He is passionate about delivering the utmost excellence and combines out-of-the-box creativity with human-focused functionality to provide the best creative solutions in a vast array of applications for our partners. As EOS Integrator, John also helps lead the company operations to promote growth both internally and externally, refine company processes, and mentor team members.

When he’s not at work, you can find him spending time with his wife and wrangling his three young kiddos, running an Airbnb, serving at his church, or performing with his band Deep Valleys!


SingleSource Accounting

SingleSource Logo Main

Your one-stop shop for outsourced accounting services.

We partnered with SingleSource to create a forward-thinking, playful and engaging website to uniquely position the startup within the saturated landscape of financial services. SingleSource takes pride in making state-of-the-art accounting solutions accessible to businesses of all sizes using their unique people + technology approach. With powerfully simple visuals and effective user flow, this conversion-optimized site was built to foster their growth.




Buffalo, NY


Web Design & Development

Digital Marketing

Custom Illustration 



Visualizing the brand.

It was important for us to convey the brand in the most accurate way, so our team also crafted a suite of 24 custom illustrations to demonstrate every aspect of the SingleSource experience.


The Team

Custom headshot illustrations.

Business headshots are boring. We thought we would spice things up by hand-drawing everyone on the accounting team to create an inviting presence while maintaining brand consistency.