How To Increase Online Sales Using Facebook Ads

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So you’re a small business wondering how to increase brand awareness and drive sales online. You have a Facebook page which you regularly update and maybe even a loyal following that is receptive to your content, but you can’t seem to convert any of this to actual sales. You’ve even tried boosting some of your posts but just can’t seem to attract buyers.

You’ve heard success stories about Facebook Ads and how you can benefit from a successful ad campaign, but you just don’t know where to start. On top of that, you’re wondering how to employ a campaign without breaking the bank.

Let’s explore a few ways to utilize Facebook Ads while saving money and attracting new customers for your business.

Buyer Personas

What is a buyer persona you ask? A buyer persona is a fictional representative of a specific customer group based on research and the facts of current customers. What do your customers like? What do they not like? What will it take for them to buy into a product?

Your buyer persona provides the information you need to know to effectivity market to your selected audience. Without a buyer persona you won’t be able to effectively engage your desired audience. Setting up a buyer persona’s is also the first step in a successful Facebook ad campaign.

Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences is one of the best tools on Facebook, and works in conjunction with Hyper Targeted Ads. Custom Audiences allow you to track and build pools of people based on how they’ve interacted with your ads, website, or even Facebook and Instagram profiles. It also allows you to retarget these people again and again. Say a person “likes” an ad based on a certain buyer persona. This person would then be placed within a custom audience that you can come back to and target again.

So what does a custom audience look like? Users who access your website from Facebook get placed into one type of audience. That audience is saved so you can target it again when you want to drive them to the website for a future promotion. Individuals who access your Facebook profile from a targeted Ad get placed in another audience. Did someone engage with an Instagram post of yours? That person gets placed into a specific Instagram Custom Audience as well. All these groups are there for you to market to individually.


Quite possibly the most important aspect in the development of your Facebook ad is the content. This may seem like an obvious fact at first, but developing truly relevant content can be harder than you think. Not all Facebook ads are alike, and only content that captivates the reader will be successful.

So how do you develop the kind of content that succeeds in a Facebook world dominated by advertisements? Quality, hi-resolution photography, clean graphics, and a strong message are all equally important aspects to consider in the design phase. It’s also important to consider investing in video. In the last year alone video content on Facebook has increased 360%, with 84% of Ad revenue coming from mobile video content. Video filmed in high definition, with a clear message, that gets across with or without sound will prove to be the most relevant to those active on Facebook. Keep it short and sweet.

It’s important to develop content with your audience in mind. What will resonate with them? What will get their attention? This is where your Buyer Persona comes in. Use it to create content that will captivate.


What good are all these features if you’re not able to measure your success? Well, Facebook provides some great insights into how well your campaigns are performing. These metrics track everything from page views to engagement to reach and most importantly, your ROI.  Metrics tell a story. Relying on these insights will only better your strategy, showing you what works, what doesn’t, and where you can improve.


If you’re not converting any leads on social media maybe it’s time to reconsider your approach. It’s worth taking time to invest in the tools Facebook provides. You’ll even be surprised to learn how many business are not taking advantage of them, putting you in a position to succeed. Now that you understand Facebook Ads, invest a little bit time and see what happens.

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