How to Add Ads.txt File in WordPress: A Step-by-Step Guide

Need Help With Your Ads.txt?

Ensuring the integrity of your ad inventory is crucial for maintaining your blog’s reputation and user experience. That’s where the Authorized Digital Sellers file, or ads.txt, comes into play. This special file tells everyone which companies can rightfully sell ads on your WordPress site, effectively blocking unauthorized sellers from displaying low-quality or misleading ads.

Adding an ads.txt file to your WordPress site might sound technical, but it’s simpler than you think. With the help of plugins like Adstxt Manager or AdSanity, you can easily add and manage this file in just a few clicks. These tools not only simplify the process but also offer additional features like managing multiple accounts and viewing data on ads being served. Ready to safeguard your ad space? Let’s dive into the straightforward methods to add, edit, and manage your ads.txt file in WordPress.

Understanding Ads.txt in WordPress

What Is an Ads.txt File?

An ads.txt file, or Authorized Digital Sellers file, displays which companies can sell ads on your WordPress site. This small text file adds a layer of security to digital advertising by listing authorized sellers, thereby blocking unauthorized entities. Created by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), it ensures transparency in advertising and combats ad fraud in programmatic advertising. If you use ad networks like Google AdSense, including an ads.txt file is crucial.

Benefits of Using Ads.txt

Using ads.txt offers several advantages for publisher transparency and ad verification. Here are some key benefits:

  • Prevent Ad Fraud: Ads.txt files ensure only authorized sellers can sell your ad inventory, reducing risks like domain spoofing.
  • Increase Revenue: By working with verified sellers, you can set higher prices and control which ad networks, including DSPs and SSPs, can sell your inventory.
  • Enhance Transparency: It promotes transparency in advertising, reassuring advertisers that ad placements are legitimate and trustworthy.
  • Improve Media Buying: With ads.txt, media buyers can confidently purchase inventory, knowing it comes from an authentic source, making the media buying process more efficient.

Adding an ads.txt file to your WordPress website provides a straightforward method to protect your ad space, enhance revenue opportunities, and promote transparency in digital advertising.

Preparing to Add an Ads.txt File

What You Need Before Starting

To add an ads.txt file to your WordPress site, ensure you have a few essential items prepared. First, obtain the list of authorized ad networks and their corresponding publisher IDs. The ads.txt file identifies these networks and IDs to facilitate transparency in advertising and prevent ad fraud. If you use Google AdSense, gather your AdSense publisher ID first.

Next, ensure you have access to your website’s root directory. Often, this access is through Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). If unfamiliar with SFTP, consult a guide to connect to your WordPress site.

You’ll also need text editing software to create and edit the ads.txt file. This file will list your authorized digital advertising partners who can sell ad inventory on your behalf, ensuring publisher transparency and securing your ad revenue.

Finally, install appropriate plugins to upload and manage the ads.txt file. Options include Adstxt Manager or AdSanity. These plugins simplify the process and offer management features for header bidding and programmatic advertising setups. Once everything is ready, adding the ads.txt file becomes straightforward.

Methods to Add an Ads.txt File in WordPress

Implementing an ads.txt file on your WordPress site ensures transparency in advertising and protects against ad fraud. There are two primary methods to add this file.

Using a Plugin for Ease

Using a plugin simplifies the process of adding and managing the ads.txt file. Two popular plugins are Adstxt Manager and Advanced Ads. After installing and activating either plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Plugin Settings: Go to the plugin settings from your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Add Authorized Sellers: Enter the details of the authorized ad networks. Ensure you include your publisher ID.
  3. Save Changes: Click on the “Save Changes” button to create the ads.txt file.

This method helps you maintain publisher transparency by preventing unauthorized digital advertising. The plugin handles updates, ensuring your ads.txt file remains current without manual intervention.

Manually Adding the File via FTP

For those preferring a more hands-on approach, manually adding the ads.txt file via FTP is an alternative. Follow these steps:

  1. Create ads.txt File: Use text editing software to create a plain text file named ads.txt.
  2. Enter Authorized Sellers: Add your authorized ad networks and publisher IDs. For example, for Google AdSense, enter:, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
  1. Upload File to Server: Access your website’s root directory via FTP. Use an FTP client like FileZilla to upload the ads.txt file.
  2. Verify: Visit to ensure the file is accessible.

This method requires more technical know-how but offers greater control over your ad verification process. It’s vital for sites employing header bidding or using multiple SSP and DSP platforms.

Incorporating an ads.txt file, whether via plugin or FTP, is fundamental for maintaining ad inventory integrity. Choose the method that best suits your technical comfort level and ensure ongoing checks to keep the file up-to-date.

Verifying Your Ads.txt File

Tools and Techniques for Verification

To ensure ad verification and maintain transparency in advertising, it’s crucial to verify your ads.txt file. Tools and techniques can streamline this process for WordPress site owners.

  1. Manual Verification: Access your website’s root directory via FTP or your hosting provider’s file manager. Open the ads.txt file and verify it contains the correct ad network credentials and publisher IDs.
  2. Advanced Ads Plugin: Use the Advanced Ads plugin, which automatically generates and manages your ads.txt file. Navigate to Advanced Ads > Settings > General > ads.txt to check the file. The plugin integrates with multiple ad networks, ensuring your file is always up-to-date.
  3. Online Validators: Utilize free online services like IAB Tech Lab’s ads.txt validator to check your file. Upload your ads.txt file to these platforms to confirm its accuracy and compliance with digital advertising standards.
  4. AdSense Verification: If you’ve implemented the ads.txt file correctly, you can verify it through your Google AdSense account. Look for any warnings related to the ads.txt file and resolve issues by updating the file with the correct publisher information.

These tools and methods enable seamless ads.txt file verification, ensuring your WordPress site maintains integrity in ad inventory and adheres to programmatic advertising standards.

Troubleshooting Common Ads.txt Issues

Adding an ads.txt file to your WordPress site is crucial for maintaining ad integrity and preventing fraud. However, you might encounter some issues along the way. If your ads.txt file isn’t showing up, double-check your root directory and ensure the file is correctly uploaded. Plugins like Adstxt Manager or AdSanity can simplify this process.

Sometimes, ad networks may not appear immediately after adding them. Give it some time, and verify the file through tools like IAB Tech Lab or Google AdSense. If problems persist, consult your ad network’s support team for guidance.

Consistency is key. Regularly update your ads.txt file to include new authorized networks and remove outdated ones. This proactive approach helps maintain transparency and optimize your ad revenue. By following these steps and troubleshooting common issues, you can ensure your blog’s ad inventory remains secure and efficient.

Need Help With Your Ads.txt?



HoliMont Ski Club

Taking America's largest private ski club from the blue square to double black.

For almost 60 years HoliMont has been committed to creating an environment for generations of families and friends to adventure and build memories together. As America’s largest Private Ski Club, and WNY’s Premier Ski Destination, it was time for a change to reposition the club for the new season they were stepping into.

In partnership with their incredibly committed and passionate team, we’ve rolled up our sleeves to not only reintroduce HoliMont as an All-Season Club but to engage new members and remind existing members of how wonderful a place HoliMont is for family, friendship, and fun. 


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Brand Identity

Refreshing their identity without reinventing it. 

HoliMont has a very recognizable mark with decades of history behind it – so our approach was focused on breathing new life into a timeless logo.


Logo Redesign

Simple & Structured.

Removing the dated styling (shadows, outlines) as well as the caps-case on the word mark helped to reveal a more timeless and versatile logo.

Color Studies & Typography

A high-end, rustic, and elegant take on WNY ski culture

Combining rich greens, rose gold, and a quality typographic system gives HoliMont the recognizable look it deserved.

Brand Texture

Topographic mapping of the 'Mont made for the perfect texture.

We converted a topographic map of Holimont in order to create a series of brand textures to add some intrigue and beauty to the visual identity.

Brand Texture

Topographic mapping of the 'Mont made for the perfect texture.

We converted a topographic map of HoliMont in order to create a series of brand textures to add some intrigue and beauty to the visual identity.

Brand Identity

Custom badges for all of the 'Mont's programs. 

We created unique symbols with illustrations to represent each program within HoliMont. You can see these around the ‘Mont any time you visit!



A premier destination: online and off.

We took the original site and did a complete overhaul, giving HoliMont the impact it deserves for current and prospective members.



A simple yet beautiful experience, even if you're browsing from the chairlift.

A partner dedicated to the outdoors needs a platform that’s easily accessible on the go. We created a seamless, simple design that makes getting the information you need a walk in the park.

Creative Assets

A simple yet beautiful experience, even if you're browsing from the chairlift. ​

A partner dedicated to the outdoors needs a platform that’s easily accessible on the go. We created a seamless, simple design that makes getting the information you need a walk in the park.