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Understanding Your Business Needs

We collaborate to define your ideal customer, local or national, then tailor your SEO to resonate with their specific needs & search queries.

Here's how it goes beyond volume:

Conversion Focus

We analyze data to pinpoint keywords most likely to convert Buffalo searchers into customers.

Deep Keyword Insights

Our neural network identifies hidden opportunities like relevant keyword clusters for a strategic advantage.

Long-Tail Strategy

We target specific Buffalo long-tail keywords with lower competition for targeted traffic.

Building a Footprint

We build a strong keyword foundation for Buffalo by strategically targeting long-tail terms, allowing you to climb the ranks for more competitive keywords over time.

Low-Competition Wins

NCC helps us find low-competition keywords for quick organic traffic gains in the Buffalo market.

LSI & N-gram Integration

We strategically integrate Buffalo-specific and industry-related LSI keywords and n-grams throughout your website content for comprehensiveness, conversions and rankings

Technical SEO Audit

Identify & Optimize 2,040+ On-Page Signals

Our machine learning algorithms analyze high-ranking websites across various niches to identify over 2,040 on and off page SEO signals. We then systematically optimize your website based on these signals, ensuring it aligns with the latest ranking best practices and what’s working.

Structured Data Implementation

Structured data is key in providing search engines with a clear understanding of your content, enabling more effective indexing. We implement schema markup to provide search engines with richer information about your content, potentially increasing click-through rates.

Content Creation

Building Local & National Authority

We create a custom content strategy for local & national reach, to get you maximum impact across both local and national search queries.

Buffalo-Centric Content Clusters

We create content clusters - groups of interlinked articles targeting related Buffalo-specific themes - to establish you as a local authority.

National Industry Content

We develop content targeting broader industry keywords, expanding your reach beyond Buffalo.

Strategic Internal Linking

We create a robust internal linking structure, seamlessly connecting Buffalo-focused content with broader industry content for optimal user experience and website authority.

NAP/ Citations

Securing a Strong Local Presence

We ensure your business information is accurate and consistent across all major local directories and onl